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Services & Procedures

We know that getting necessary dental care as conveniently as possible is important to our patients, and that is why we offer all of the most common procedures in our Houston, TX dental office. That way, you can have the care you need in a familiar and friendly environment. We believe that makes for the best dental experience.

Gentle Compassionate Care

Dr. Kathy Nguyen is friendly and extremely gentle when she treats patients. No matter what procedure you are having, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. We have the latest technology that allows us to give virtually pain-free shots, as well! Our patients love the extra consideration we take when it comes to comfort and always rave about how easy their treatment was.

Preventive and Restorative Dentistry

We believe in taking care of our patients from the foundation up. That means helping you to build a solid preventive routine and addressing any conditions that arise. We recommend regular professional dental cleanings and exams to help you stay as healthy as possible. We will show you some tricks and tips to improve your home care so that you stay healthy between visits. We use tooth-colored restorations in our office because we believe that your smile should be healthy and beautiful. Dr. Nguyen uses composite fillings and porcelain crowns to keep you looking your best and feeling great about your appearance.

Quality Tooth-Replacement Options

Missing teeth create problems with proper function as well as your appearance. We provide a full range of tooth replacement options to restore the health of your smile. Whether you would like the ease and convenience of dental implants or you would like to talk about dental bridges, partial dentures, or complete dentures to replace your missing teeth, we offer high-quality solutions for every patient.

Convenient Expanded Dental Services

In addition to the professional dental care you might find in other dental offices, we also offer expanded services for your convenience:


We will perform most extractions right here at Awesome Smiles without the need for a referral to a specialist. We even remove wisdom teeth comfortably for the convenience of our patients.



Many patients require orthodontic treatment, and Dr. Kathy Nguyen is skilled at orthodontic treatment for children, teens, and adults.


Root canal therapy

Going to another office for a root canal is inconvenient. We can treat you successfully right here in an office you already feel comfortable in with a team you trust.


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Call Awesome Smiles today to schedule the next preventative appointment for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you and partnering with you in a lifetime of oral health. Our friendly team can answer any questions you may have about our office and the services we provide.


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