Crowns and Bridges

Missing or damaged teeth can cause pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. At Awesome Smiles, we help restore our patients’ smiles, improving their self-confidence as well as their appearance.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Accidents sometimes happen that cause your tooth to crack or fracture. When that happens, it can destabilize your tooth, putting it at risk. A dental crown covers your tooth and provides additional support to your natural tooth structure. Without treatment, you risk splitting your tooth and causing tooth loss.

Deep decay also creates structural problems with your teeth. While we can often treat decayed teeth with fillings, sometimes the decay is so severe that a filling is not enough. For those cases, we recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth.

Custom Crown Creation

In order to make a custom crown, we will need to take an impression of your tooth. Once we remove all signs of decay and damaged tooth structure, we can create a temporary crown to protect your tooth while we wait for your permanent restoration from our dental lab.

When we receive your permanent crown, Dr. Kathy Nguyen will permanently bond it to your tooth and make any necessary final adjustments so that it fits comfortably with your adjacent and opposing teeth.

Quality Dental Bridges

Dental conditions sometimes arise that require the removal of a troubled tooth and end up leaving a gap in your smile. Missing teeth don't just cause embarrassment about your appearance; they can also cause potential health problems due to shifting that naturally occurs after tooth removal.

If you have ever removed a book from a bookshelf, you have probably observed that the remaining books tilt toward that space. Something similar happens with your teeth. Over time, they will shift toward the gap in your smile. This can create problems like gum disease and destroy your bite.

A dental bridge fills in the space between your teeth with an artificial tooth that acts as a placeholder, preventing shifting.

Creating Your Bridge

To create your dental bridge, we use specialized crowns (called abutments) that suspend your artificial tooth (called a pontic), completing your biting surface and your smile.

The process is very similar to dental crowns but involves three or more separate restorations.

Your dental bridge will require special care. Keeping it clean will prevent damaging gum disease that can put your health at risk. You will need to make sure that you keep the area beneath your pontic clean, as well. When you care for your dental bridge properly, your restoration can last for many years – even decades.

Do You Have a Broken or Missing Tooth?

If you have a broken or missing tooth and you’re ready to have it repaired, give us a call! We provide high quality dentistry to families in the Houston area. Awesome Smiles is a great place to start getting back on track 

Most of our dental services are covered by Medicaid, CHIP, and most dental insurance.