At Awesome Smiles, we focus on prevention and saving your teeth. We make customized recommendations to ensure your healthy teeth and gums. We also know that many of our patients do their best to prevent tooth loss. In spite of our best efforts, sometimes losing a tooth is unavoidable. We know that it can be a traumatic experience for you, and that is why at Awesome Smiles, we focus on tooth-replacement solutions that make good sense and work well for our patients’ unique needs.

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace your missing teeth because they are so much like your own natural teeth. This means that they allow you to live life normally and feel confident about your smile. They also have the added benefit of helping to prevent future bone loss that is common once you lose a tooth. Dental implants also act as space holders for your other teeth, keeping them from drifting toward the gap in your smile.

Is something missing in your smile?

Approximately 70 percent of Americans suffer from at least one missing tooth and a three-year study showed that adults over the age of 60 have lost an average of nine teeth over the course of their lifetime. This common, yet avoidable problem can directly affect your self-esteem, making you self-conscious and often insecure about your appearance.


If you have a missing tooth or teeth, there is more cause for concern than mere aesthetics. A missing tooth also means there is missing bone, which can negatively effect the jawbone’s density and shape.  According to studies, the height, width and volume of the bone decreases, even as much as 25 percent in width the first year and as much as four millimeters in height in the following three-to-four years.

When a tooth (or teeth) is missing, the other teeth along the jaw may shift and become crooked. The shifting of teeth causes various problems, which directly affect the beauty of your smile and the comfort of day-to-day living. Along with affecting the jawbone, a missing tooth can disturb the soft tissue structure of gums, cheeks, and lips.

Other problems caused by a missing tooth or teeth include:

  • Chewing problems
  • Over-reliance on surrounding teeth
  • Weakening of remaining teeth
  • Speech difficulties
  • Discomfort of the mouth
  • Facial collapse


To ensure these problems do not occur, the dentists at Awesome Smiles specialize in teeth replacement through dental implant surgery. A dental implant not only replaces the part of the tooth that can be seen, which is known as the dental crown, but also replaces the root or roots so that it remains in place indefinitely. The dental implant procedures performed at Awesome Smiles include high-strength porcelain crowns, bridges, and dentures.

These oral implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible metal, which means that the body will not reject it. Titanium actually fuses to the jawbone bone through a process called osseointegration. This phenomenon is possible because bone cells react to the titanium, attaching and securing themselves to the implant. Since this process of osseointegration commonly takes several months, a temporary tooth is placed on the implant until it is fully integrated and then the permanent white crown is installed.

Since peace of mind doesn’t have a price tag, it should be noted that dental implant surgery has the highest success rate of any surgically implanted device.


Eating is a major part of American life. With a dental implant, chewing food will become easier and your dietary selection will increase, as you will not be forced to avoid certain foods that may be difficult to chew. Performing this implant surgery ensures your jaw remains strong and durable.

Dental implants, including dentures, have been proven to significantly outlast other forms of teeth restoration with more than 90 percent maintaining a survival rate of at least 10 years. Many of these dental implants last the lifetime of the individual.

Teeth replacements also make certain that your surrounding teeth remain straight and healthy, enabling you to continue your life with a beautiful smile and personal confidence.  


Immediately. Don’t risk your oral health by putting off this important decision. As they say, there is no time like the present. Correcting the problem from the start will ensure that your other teeth won’t be negatively affected, forcing you to face further oral surgery and higher dental costs.

Regardless of how many teeth are missing, the dentists at Awesome Smiles are here to provide you with all the information you need regarding implant surgery and possess the skills and experience to seamlessly and painlessly handle all of your oral needs.


For more information about dental implants, dentures, and teeth replacement, or to make an appointment, call Awesome Smiles at 713-721-8800 or fill out your information on the Book Now.



Dental Implant Placement

In most dental offices, you will need a referral to a specialist to have an implant surgically placed. At Awesome Smiles, our dentist, Kathy Nguyen, DDS, received specialized training in both implant placement and restoration so that she could provide exceptional service to our patients without the need for a referral. 

Dr. Nguyen will surgically place a dental implant directly into your bone. This procedure sounds complicated, and while it does require skill and expertise, Dr. Nguyen is extremely gentle and precise. Once she places your dental implant, we will allow it time to heal and integrate with your natural bone, creating a stable foundation for an implant crown that will complete your smile. 

Implant Crown Restoration

Once you heal completely from your dental implant surgery, we will create a custom crown that matches your smile perfectly. We will place the crown on your implant, which will complete your smile as well as your bite, making chewing, speaking, and eating easier and more comfortable for you.

Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth. You can care for them in much the same way, by brushing, flossing, and keeping your regular professional hygiene schedule. Healthy gums are essential to the success of your dental implant, and cutting corners with your care puts your implant at risk!

We will examine your implant at each check-up to make sure that it is completely healthy and fully functional. With the proper care, your dental implant could last a lifetime.

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