Mouth Guards

Sports and activities are great for your health because regular exercise is important! Playing sports can teach kids about being a team player, coordination, and competition and also allows them to have fun with friends in an organized activity.

Unfortunately, sports can cause problems with your teeth if you fail to take the proper precautions. Everyone has known a child who caught a fly ball to the face or was hit with a stick during a hockey game. Without the proper protection, you risk permanent damage to your smile.

Custom Mouth Guards 

At Awesome Smiles, we create custom mouth guards to protect your teeth during activities such as baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and any other sports that put your teeth at risk. Custom mouth guards fit your teeth perfectly and stay where they belong, unlike the boil-and-bite over-the-counter options that may fall out at a critical moment, leaving your teeth exposed. After all, a mouth guard only works if you are wearing it.

To create your mouth guard, we will take accurate impressions of your teeth to ensure a proper fit. Then, we will create your mouth guard to fit your teeth perfectly and to provide the most protection. We even offer fun custom colors so that you can display your team spirit while you wear it. If you prefer a subtler look, we have clear and solid colors available, as well.

When you pick up your mouth guard, we will fit it for you and make sure that it is comfortable and feels good as you wear it.

Some Important Things to Remember

Never leave your mouth guard in a hot car because heat can cause it warp or to distort and no longer fit properly.

You will need to clean your mouth guard after each use to avoid bacteria and foul odors. You can use a special cleanser made specifically for mouth guards or you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste to remove any tartar or debris and then rinse it with cool, soapy water. Using hot water can cause your mouth guard to warp. 

If you have a mouth guard made for your child, you should know that their mouths change quickly and they may need to have new mouth guards made as they change and grow in order to keep their teeth protected. 

Custom mouth guards are a cost-effective insurance policy against dental emergencies and unexpected treatment due to injuries. 

Call Us to Schedule

If you or your children play sports, call our Houston dental office to schedule an appointment for a custom mouth guard. Dr. Kathy Nguyen and our entire team look forward to hearing about which sports you love to play and helping you protect your teeth while you play them!